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Monthly FREE Masterclasses – tailored to the nonprofit sector, but also relevant to other industries. 

There is a reason why you are not getting the desired engagement results from your marketing efforts. For nonprofits, a reason why you are struggling with fundraising. For both types of organisations, a reason why you are not as effective as you would like internally.

You are far from alone. This is a common and often overlooked issue – with a relatively easy fix. What you will get from this Masterclass – knowing how to fix these issues, and more. The Masterclasses are FREE to attend. There will be NO SALES PITCH during the event! Signing up is easy HERE.

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VIP DAYS – Designed to be intensive Coaching for clients strictly on a one-to-one basis. VIP Days are ideal for individuals who are highly motivated and ready to take action. Seeking a fast-paced coaching experience. Facing a specific challenge or decision point. Looking to break through a plateau and reach the next level. Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, leader, etc.

Our VIP Days are different in some respects from others you might have experienced. One difference is that we focus on being personally aligned with your business enterprise – be it for-profit or nonprofit. From experience, this route can address most of the primary issues faced by entrepreneurs.

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FINCH MODEL – provides a range of Coaching solutions in response to different client needs and situations. We are not a “one size fits all” provider. We focus on the Coaching needs of our clients first and foremost and offer the most appropriate package deal or create a bespoke one.

Depending on your needs, Exponential Coaching packages paired with VIP Days could be a very effective combination for achieving significant results, quickly. 

By integrating VIP Days with Exponential Coaching packages, we can create a tiered system that caters to different needs and budgets. Not only that but this can be a powerful way to provide both highly focused support with ongoing guidance. 

Preparatory Work In Advance

Q: What is involved in the preparatory work?

“Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail” as the saying goes!

Even though this is called a VIP DAY we start well in advance. Here are the key elements you get:

• About two weeks before, you will be provided with a series of tasks to complete. These will be vital “time savers” for the actual VIP Day – so that we can focus on maximising the time, and results achieved.

• VIP Day – where your main work and transformations through Coaching will happen

• Follow-up meeting – around two weeks later, to review progress and hold to account on your implementation

The VIP Days are unique to you and your situation. They are strictly one-to-one, and bespoke. That is another reason why the preparation work is essential.

All materials will be provided, and you will be able to contact Finch Model if you have any questions at this stage.

But what happens even before this preparation stage?

Well, before agreeing to book you in for a VIP Day we have to meet and talk through what it is you need help with.

A good analogy comes in here – job interviews. You should be interviewing me as much as I will be interviewing you! If we simply do not get on at this point, if what you want is unrealistic in the time available or outside of the scope of what I do, or if it is apparent that we will not be able to work effectively together (either side) for any reason then we will not proceed.

What is most important is that you get the results that you are looking for. That is another reason why preparation is important – to establish what it is you need to achieve.

My job as an Exponential Coach is to use my years of experience, combined with insights and instinct to see past just what you say. To look deeper into your needs, and to ask the right questions. I will be commencing the process of coaching you not simply to ask the right questions, but to ask better questions of yourself. To ask deeper questions, and to strive for, and achieve far more than you thought possible.

Main VIP Day – More Information

Q: Does a VIP Day mean one full day or can it be split up?

Q: How long are the hours?

In answer to the first question, yes it can be split up over two or more days (depending on the VIP Day package you are signing up for).

Because this is highly focused time together, a half day would not normally be split over two days – you would lose momentum. A half day is best kept to one day. However, we can adjust the start time if needed.

A full day can be split over two days. But will have to be agreed well in advance, as it changes the preparatory work. To maintain the dynamics, in these situations, the time will be split into two distinct focused sessions.

Ultimately, key factors in deciding to divide into two sessions will include your learning style and the complexity of the subject materials to be covered.

Most people don’t think too much about the term ‘VIP’. They simply perceive it as exclusive (which it is), without stopping to think about what “VIP” stands for. VIP is simply short for ‘Very Important Person’ (VIP).

Except here at Finch Model, we give it a second meaning. Because a key part of Coaching is going to be about getting you personally in alignment. So, our (added) use of ‘VIP’ stands for “Values Inspired Person” (VIP).

Your values are going to form part of the foundation of your work. Very few give enough attention to this, and it is one of the features that makes Finch Model so successful.

Follow-Up Session

Just as “a kitten is not just for Christmas” a VIP Day is not just for one day.

What you invest in and commit to, you need to see through. It is your responsibility. However, we will be checking up to see that you do implement everything you learn and that you do follow through.

That is what the follow-up session is about.

All are included in the VIP Day package.

Any lingering questions can be answered. We don’t just coach you and then leave you. We invest in you and will check in to hold you to account (in a “nice way”) for implementing everything you need to do.


Prices And Availability On Request

The cost of a VIP Day will depend on several factors. Don’t worry, if you are eligible for a Finch Model VIP Day then you will find that it is more affordable than you thought.

First of all, you need to complete the enquiry form on this website. You will hear back from us soon after that.

Availability is exclusive. At Finch Model, we believe in quality over quantity – meaning that we will not compromise quality for the sake of bringing in large numbers of paying clients just to make tonnes of money!

We take on clients based on merit, not just the ability to pay.

A VIP Day is serious business! The results you will leave with are going to be exceptional. So, we take the time to be sure that you will be right for our Coaching, and vice versa. Before moving forward.

It costs nothing to ask.

Don’t delay, ask today. Click on the link and send us a message.

Real Results With Real People


I am excited to help you become the best version of yourself. I have helped thousands of people and assist up to 18.5 million United States Veterans. Book your masterclass below.

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