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All of his life Ed pushed himself hard to learn. Being dyslexic didn’t help! He came out of school with very little, yet ended up with a Master’s degree. All achieved through hard work, dedication and perseverance. Later on, the Martial Arts provided additional self-discipline skills, and opportunities to learn more about himself in ways that “normal life” doesn’t provide. Ed has always enjoyed self-learning, helping others, and overcoming obstacles

Over the past six decades, Ed has amassed considerable knowledge and expertise. Honesty and integrity are his biggest core values. It is his honest and earnest intention to pass on his knowledge to benefit others. One of his longer-term plans is to open up Apprenticeships, training others in the skills and techniques he has learnt, and combine them with the Apprentices. Creating an army of “super Coaches” of the future.

Ed always goes back to the origins of professional Coaching – “Coaching not just teaching.” Teaching is telling people your way; coaching is helping others to develop into the best of their potential.

Finch Model was born out of the desire to help others overcome obstacles. A counter-reaction to “mass confusion” – bringing clarity with simple-toimplement solutions, backed by exceptional Coaching. Simple solutions that mask complexity in the making. Ed has struggled a lot in his life and doesn’t believe that others should. Unnecessary struggles are just that, and he intends to leave a legacy behind when his time comes to an end.

Ed knows that everyone has potential, no matter their background. Everyone has a mission in life. None more so than veterans – who need a “new mission,” and the support to achieve it. Preparation is everything.

His philosophy always was, and still is, to “see a problem not as a problem but merely as a situation waiting for the right solution. All that is needed is to work out what that best solution is”.

You can read testimonials about Ed from those he has served so well. Alternatively, you can book a pro bono call and discuss (always in confidence) how he can best help you.

Edward Finch


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My Favorite Collection Of Books


My Reading Material Is Vast


The Art of War by Sun Tzu; Zen and; The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (an enquiry into values) by Robert M Pirsig; Leila (an enquiry into morals) by Robert M Pirsig; Fluke by James Herbert; Shapes by Steve Vance; Sir Walter Scott: Ivanhoe (BBC TV series); Shaggy dogs and black sheep by Albert Jack

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